In the wild sixties, Ferry Porsche and VW board member Heinrich Nordhoff decided on a very wild idea: to develop a sports car. The result was the world’s first mass produced mid-engined sports car – the Porsche 914. But Porsche would not be Porsche if you did not make a real rocket out of the well-running sports car with a 2-liter six-cylinder boxer. At the world-famous Endurance race for the group victory and the 6th place in the overall ranking provided. The 914-6: just a true LeMans winner. In total, only 3,318 vehicles were produced. Sorry for the buyers, good for the classic car value. One of the rare specimens was admitted for the first time on 18.6.1971 in Chiasso / Italy and only returned to Germany in 1999. Here he was painted in the original color and conserved with Mike Sanders. Not easy to find, because most of his species quickly became victims of age rust spots or the pugnacious youth. Instead, it is in a minimal patinated state, rustproof and has a perfectly preserved Targa roof. Only type designation and well-preserved fox rims are a sign that the discreet sports car carries a 911 under the hood.