Porsche 356 A 1600 Speedster

Curriculum Vitae

Ferry Porsche, the son of Ferdinand Porsche, just could not find his dream car. So what did he do? He developed it himself.

And in 1948 he presented his result: the Porsche 356, the prototype of today’s Porsche and the blueprint for the Speedster: with an extremely flat windshield, detachable side-screens, a lowered canopy and an even more Spartan interior furnishing than its predecessor. A light-weight of approx. 770 kg it resembled the classical interpretation of the sports car and ultimately coined the essence of what makes a Porsche what it is.

Our dream in red is one of the 1,171 units manufactured during peak production of the so-called T2 versions. An improved Speedster. Its hallmarks are the teardrop taillights and the integrated exhaust pipes in the rear bumper. The interior captivates with its comfortable shell seats and a surprising spaciousness. The car initially delivered to California is extremely well preserved and stainless despite its long journey. All interventions are meticulously documented and all work has been accurately executed. The “appetizing” sight of the engine compartment speaks volumes and the driving experience speaks for itself is a real blast from the past.


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