The Maserati Sebring II, which was built from 1965 to 1970 in a limited edition of only 243 units, is a sought-after connoisseur object and one of the most beautiful tridents ever built.
At the time, Maserati included everything possible in manufacturing its cars: from Connolly leather to electric windows, 5-speed gearboxes from ZF and much more.
The extraordinary bodywork is crafted by Vignale.

Our vehicle was registered in Geneva on May 20, 1966, and has been in the hands of a Swiss family since 1970. The comprehensive documents and bills attest just how passionately this Maserati coupé was cherished and cared for. The especially beautiful color combination of Grigio Inglewood and the cognac-colored Connolly leather as well as its excellent technical condition pose an irresistible invitation to take an extensive ride. Not only for its beauty, but because long distances are one of the core competencies of this classic GTI.

Basis for negotiation: 290,000 Euros

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