The Mercedes 300 was inaugurated at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt in April 1951: the largest and fastest series car of the time.

Its representativity, soft suspension and large size much convinced the first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, who remained loyal to the model for many years. And it’s this loyalty that gave the Mercedes 300 its name: Adenauer-Mercedes. As “state coach” it became a symbol for the young German Republic from London to Moscow.

Our vehicle was registered in Switzerland in the year 1961. Its story brought the Adenauer-Mercedes to the USA, where in 1978 it was subject to an inspection – with a mileage of 72.22. In 1991 it was again reimported to Germany, where it was subsequently restored and finally in 1996 found its way to the Klassik Garage Kronberg, where since then we duly maintain and move the car respectively.


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