Curriculum Vitae

Actually, the dark green body colour and the interior in brown are classic English colours. But they suit the W111 Coupé very well. Brought back from the USA 10 years ago, the car still shines almost as bright as it did the first day. The good finish on the body and the minimal patina on the interior furnishings render the MB 280 SE Coupé a distinct first-class appearance. It owes its score – class 2 – for its optical and technical condition to an assessment in 2010 conducted by an expert on Classic Data. The data card confirms the engine is original. Engine data and performance give evidence to the fact that the aggregate is healthy to the core. And visually it too is an eye catcher causing heads to turn when they see the first-class lacquer and chrome work shine. Safety measures have been installed in form of automatic belts both for the front and back seats. Amenities such as electric windows in the front and rear doors as well as a sliding roof have been added to the car. Not to mention an original Becker Car Radio. It has surely become obvious: the Coupé’s beauty and elegance can hardly be summed up with words.

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