Special automobiles well preserved

Beautiful cars have their value and should be kept properly. This is why the Klassik Garage Kronberg offers a private garage for your oldtimer or classic car from October 2018 – with the comprehensive service of the Klassik Garage Kronberg.

A fine vintage car park with over 50 individually designed, parking spaces, including valet, care and service.

Parking spaces still available

In our new Bel Étage, your treasure is always on top. Our brand new lift takes your classic or sports car to the top floor of the Klassik Garage Kronberg. Here it waits in the best company for a summer trip, the occasional meeting among vintage car connoisseurs or the big holiday tour. So that nothing stands in the way of these occasions, the specialists of the Klassik Garage Kronberg look after your car with passion and know-how around the clock. There are still a few free places in our Bel Étage that are just waiting for your precious car.


Your private garage. Just safer!

The vehicles in our garage are well secured. State-of-the-art surveillance technology and 24/7 surveillance ensure that your car is in good hands. However, if you would like to go for a ride in the moonlight, just call us and your car will be ready for you even at exceptional times.

Whoever rested rusts.

Vintage cars are like good wines: they gain in value over the years. However, in contrast to the good drop, it is not enough to “ripen” them in the best room conditions in a garage, because if they rest, they rust. In order for your vehicle to retain and increase its value, the specialists of the Klassik Garage will take care, on request, of maintenance, inspections and TÜV – even if the car stays in one place for an extended period.

Your individual place


You drive into the yard, hand over your car key to your valet service, and perhaps head to the bar in the Vintage Loft. And while you enjoy a delicious espresso or a nice glass of wine or spirit, your “oldie” will be brought to its place for a nap. After a nice chat with like-minded people, drive home or take another look at your car and add the newly framed picture of your won rally to your wall. Sounds idyllic? Maybe it’s a little bit too, but that’s just how we are classic car lovers – we just love beautiful things. Not only does your car have its own place in the new “oldie storage” of the Klassik Garage. Come over. The “Parking lot of the driver’s soul” welcomes you.

On-site or on tour-we are here for you!


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    Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 20B
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