In the eleventh heaven…964 to the F-Model

Manfred Stommel makes a dream come true and the Klassik Garage makes driving fun and the desired individuality come true with his Porsche 964. His wife gives the new family member the name of our 911 specialist – “Siggi”!

Manfred & Mick Stommel | Source: private

  • When did you first come into contact with the Porsche brand ?

“In the 90’s I bought my first 996 C2 in black. Since then, the Porsche feeling for life and driving has never let go of me. At the end of the 90s, I became enthusiastic about Porsche classics as well.”

  • …and what makes a Porsche unique for you ?

Reliability. You drive to the race, the race and back home after the race.

This is also the reason why I will rebuild a 964 and have the optics in my eye adapted to the more beautiful F-Model.

Bodyshell Porsche 964 at purchase | Source: Manfred Stommel

  • Have you seen such conversions in the “free” wild?

For the first time I saw such a conversion at the Techno Classica in Essen. Since then I have been working on this idea. Siggi Walz from the team of the Klassik Garage accompanies me expertly, then as now.

  • Why did the “964” get a nickname?

It’s very simple. My wife can’t remember the type designations. That’s why we started to give our Porsche its name. The latest “creation” is called “Siggi”.

Siggi accompanied me at that time with the purchase of the bodyshell 964 and is my personal contact until completion.

Another automotive Zuffenhausener is called “Rudi” our white G-Model.

  • The perfect car for you ?

Porsche OLD as well as NEW are absolute daily drivers for me.  When travelling discreetly, as well as when driving sporty.

  • What means the Klassik Garage for you ?

My complete package in the automotive classic scene. Our home for petrol conversations. A competent partner for all classic automobiles whether Young- or Oldtimer. Often a place for nice and interesting conversations, even away from the classic car scene. For me a high-quality partner for my Re-Construction and Customizing project.

I am already looking forward to a first trip with the right event in summer 2020…

Seats for adjustment work mounted in the interior – Source: Klassik Garage Kronberg


We thank you for your time and will continue to accompany the conversion and especially the final!


Text: Klassik Garage Kronberg

Pictures: Manfred Stommel | Klassik Garage Kronberg